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Tax Deductible

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Viral Donation Forms

Viral Donation Forms

Your GiveBox can be put on an unlimited number of websites and social media pages.

GiveBox Card Reader

GiveBox Card Reader

Your card reader connects to your account and takes all forms of debit or credit cards.

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics

Increase donations and awareness using your analytics dashboard.

Electronic Donations and Payments

Electronic Donations and Payments

You can accept any card from anywhere and access your donations instantly.

Receive 100% of Your Donations

Receive 100% of Your Donations

Your donors give a tax deductible processing fee to ensure you receive all of your donations.

Millennial Mobile App

Millennial Mobile App

Your fundraiser is listed on the GiveBox App, connecting you to a new generation of donors.

Innovative crowdfunding technology.

Innovative crowdfunding technology

The GiveBox platform provides innovative crowdfunding software that increases donations, gathers analytics and connects fundraisers to a new generation.

GiveBox has increased donations for non-profit organizations, enabled individuals to effectively fundraise and introduced philanthropic giving to thousands of millennials. A single mother now has the opportunity to raise donations to run for city council. Just one of many ways GiveBox has changed fundraising.

Current fundraising technology is antiquated, costly and targeted to large organizations. GiveBox equals the technology playing field by giving small organizations and individuals the solution to fundraising.

That's why GiveBox was created, to offer the "other 99%" a free, easy to use, end to end fundraising solution to raise donations. And we can do what none other can, every donation, even the processing fee, is tax deductible.GiveBox is the most efficient fundraising solution on the market.

GiveBox uniquely transforms taking donations online to shareable flash news about the most important causes in the world delivered directly to mobile users instantly increasing donations organization or individual. Any type of fundraiser, for every type of person.

State of the art security.

Secure. Safe. Simple.
State of the art security

We secure our donor data using CIM (Customer Information Manager). The donor data is protected on a secure PCI compliant server accessible only by tokenization from a connected secure external IP using api key for each merchant. We use the Customer Information Manager (CIM) to tokenize and store our subscribers’ sensitive payment information on the secure servers. This simplifies your PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for your returning donors and recurring transactions.

We provide our subscribers with the convenience of not having to re-enter their personal data every time they visit your Web site.

Fundraising on a whole new level.

Your efforts deserve new technology for a new age of fundraising.
Share GiveBox on Facebook, etc

Put your GiveBox on any website including your Facebook page or corporate sponsor's site and watch your fundraiser go viral.

Share GiveBox on Facebook, etc

Increase your donations and take fully tax deductible, credit and debit card donations.

Share GiveBox on Facebook, etc

Access your fundraiser on the GiveBox App and experience the effectiveness of mobile fundraising.

Share GiveBox on Facebook, etc

Analytics that you can access instead of platforms hiding this invaluable data from you.

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